Screen Reflections

#1. Rebuilding the Tower

A look at Iñárritu’s Babel and his quest for realism in the global age.

#2. Tarantino’s World

The Hateful Eight and the world of Tarantino.

#3. Lessons in Manliness

How Lisa Aschen’s  Swedish, directorial debut – She Monkeys – a film mainly about females, ends up telling us much more about men.

#4 Non-Event

Comedy is a broad term, and making people laugh is serious business. Looking at some of the ‘comedies’ that have been released this year, I think the worst was in fact the best.

#5 Ahead of the Game

It seems you have to gone to extreme measures as avoiding the internet to not know some of film’s biggest plot twists. David Fincher’ Se7en is a film that features an important ‘twist’, but here it means more than a plot device. A film about more than just film, but the reception of the psychological image, Se7en is shown how it is a remarkable piece of work

#6 The Last Outpost

Watching Olivier Assayas’ (2014) The Clouds of Sils Maria weirdly led to a reflection on the death of Carrie Fisher. A reflection on the basis that this writer had not even watched all of that famous franchise.

#7 Love Thy Neighbour
Kirill Serebrennikov’s film The Student (2016), produced in Russia, shows us the powerful use of symbols in film and how a film that can seem so obviously about neighbours is also a reflection on ourselves.

#8 Holy Virgin
Judd Apatow’s the 40 Year Old Virgin and the sweet naivety of cinema

#9 Taking the Hand
Steven Soderbergh’s returned from his retirement with his film about a man who is forced into retirement, or redundancy. What though are the systems of cinema and society that link everything together?