Articles from the Northern England Series

And Other Stories (Sheffield)

Angela Readman – Something Like Breathing Review for Full Stop

Bluemoose Books (Hebden Bridge)

Benjamin Myers –  The Gallows Pole

Brontë: Re-edition of Agnes Grey (Anne)  Alma

Carcanet (Manchester)

Andrew Wynn Owen – The Multiverse published on Review 31

Julian Turner – Desolate Market published on Singapore Review of Books

Rod Mengham – Grimspound and Inhabiting Art published on Bookmunch

Comma Press (Manchester)

Martyn Bedford – Letters Home

Author Q&A – “They used their hands to make things, I used mine to make things up”

A discussion of ‘Letters Home’, a short story collection

Dead Ink Books(Liverpool)

A Trio of Horror of Horror Novellas

L.G. Vey – Holt House

Shirley LongfordA Dedicated Friend

D.A.Northwood – Judderman

All written in one article for Full Stop

Peepal Tree Press (Leeds)

Jacob Ross’ collected short stories – Tell No-One About This

Degna Stone’s poetry collection – Handling Stolen Goods for Bookmunch