Writing and Criticism.

My name is Liam Bishop and I am based in Leeds, UK. My main interests are fiction and poetry but I’m not restricted to these. I now write, mainly, for other websites and publications.

To read some of these pieces, take a look at the Reviews and Writing. This is also the best place to get an idea of the kind of work I’m interested in but, again, this is by no means an extensive list.

Psychology and Mental Health

As well as literature, I have long-standing interest in Psychology and Mental Health (educated up to MSc. level). I’ve been involved with Inkwell Arts in different capacities for several years now, but I am currently running a readers group there. We’re approaching our second anniversary and on the third saturday of every month, people visit to simply discuss books. Inkwell is a space for people with and without histories or current mental health problems, and so is the readers group.

I also encourage the readers to engage with the texts further by asking them to write a blog post about the book we’ve read or anything else literature related. You can see some of these on Inkwell’s blog.


I’m interested in photography in both practice and theory and you can see some of my photographs via my Instagram page (below). Sometimes I incorporate photography into my writing. I try to shoot as candidly as possible but I also value developing rapport and hearing people’s stories.


To ask me any questions about the above – or, anything else – then you can contact me on the social media channels below or by using the contact form.

I would love to hear from you.

Twitter: @liamhbishop

Instagram: @l.h.bishop

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